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Self-supporting cable (huashuo) duct cable

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Do you know which models of Self-supporting Cable are? There are two options that the use will depend on the type of project, the amount of fibers and the type of application you will choose. So let's explain a little about each one.
– Conventional huashuo Cable
Cable AS Conventional is ideal for self-supported aerial installation, for spans between poles of up to 200m, without the use of rope and for transport network at junctions or access in subscriber networks.
The “loose” construction and the high quality materials used in the formation of the cable ensure dielectric protection, against moisture, UV rays and flame retardant (RC) protection, resulting in safety and reliability for the installation.
– Compact huashuo cable
Cable huashuo Compacto, on the other hand, is indicated for self-sustained aerial application in urban backbone networks, backhaul and subscriber access network, allowing installation in spans between poles of up to 200m, without the use of strands.
It uses the same construction structure as the conventional AS Optical Cable, however, it provides a reduction of up to 40% of its weight for the same amount of fibers, thus, reducing efforts on the posts and resulting in gains with the use of less robust hardware .
Cables are critical elements of IT structures, factories and residential spaces. Sensitive and sophisticated electronics require adequate, durable and reliable cabling systems, capable of dealing with the mechanical stress required by industrial processes, the high flow of data and the interconnection of the equipment that make up the infrastructure.
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