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Fiber fabrication and attenuation

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1 fiber manufacturing:

The optical fiber fabrication methods are: CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method, rod internal CVD method, PCVD (plasma chemical vapor deposition) and VAD (axial vapor deposition) method.

2 fiber attenuation:

The main factors causing the optical fiber attenuation are: intrinsic, bending, extrusion, impurity, uneven and docking.

Intrinsic loss of fiber, including: Rayleigh scattering, absorption and so on.

Bend: when the fiber is bent, the light inside the fiber will lose the loss due to scattering.

Extrusion: the loss caused by the slight bending of the fiber when it is squeezed.

Impurities: the loss caused by the absorption and scattering of the optical fibers in the fiber.

Inhomogeneous: the loss caused by the refractive index of the fiber material is not uniform.

The loss of the fiber butt joint, such as: different shaft (single mode fiber coaxial degree requirements less than 0.8 m), and the axis is not vertical, end face uneven, butt joint diameter mismatch and weld quality and so on.

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