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The introduction and advantages of FTTH

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FTTH is the abbreviation for the fiber directly to the family, and the Chinese abbreviation for the fiber to the household. Specifically, FTTH is refers to the optical network unit (ONU) installed in a home user or business user is optical access Series in addition to FTTD (fiber to the desktop) is closest to the user of the optical access network application types. FTTH significant technical characteristic is not only provides greater bandwidth, and enhance the transparency of the network data format, speed, wavelength and protocol, relaxation of environmental conditions and power supply requirements, simplify the installation and maintenance. When it comes to FTTH, you must talk about fiber access.. Fiber access is between the end of the board and the user entirely between the fiber as the transmission media. Optical access can be divided into active optical access and passive optical access. The main technology of optical fiber user network is the transmission technology of optical wave. At present, the reuse technology of optical fiber transmission is developing quite fast, and most of them are practical.. According to the depth of the fiber optic user, can be divided into FTTC, FTTZ, FTTO, FTTF, FTTH, etc..

The advantages of FTTH

Advantage of FTTH is mainly has five points: first, it is a passive network. From the end office to the user, the middle basically can do passive; second, its bandwidth is relatively wide, long distance fits well with the large-scale use of operators; third, because it is carried in the fiber business, so there is no problem; the fourth, due to its bandwidth is wider, more flexible support agreement; the fifth, with the development of technology, including point to point, 1.25g and FTTH mode to develop a more perfect function.
In the optical access family, as well as FTTB (To The Building Fiber) fiber to the building, FTTC (To The Curb Fiber) fiber to the roadside, FTTSA (To The Service Area Fiber) fiber to the service area, etc..
Fiber can be connected directly to the user, its bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology are without restrictions, suitable for the introduction of new business, is the ideal business network transparent, is the ultimate development of access network.
Although the mobile communication is developing at a surprising speed, but because of its bandwidth is limited. The terminal volume impossible too big, display screen is limited and other factors, people still pursue performance relative dominant fixed terminal, is hope to realize fiber to the home. The charm of the fiber is that it has a great bandwidth, which is the best solution to the problem of the last mile bottleneck from the Internet backbone to the user desktop..
With the upgrading of technology, the cost of the fiber to the household is greatly reduced, and soon can be reduced to the DSL and HFC net, which makes the practical application of FTTH possible. According to reports, in early 1997 Japan's NTT company began to FTTH development, after 2000 due to lower costs and the use of the number of households increased; the United States in 2002 before and after 12 months of FTTH installation quantity increased more than 200%.
To fiber to the home market, each company has at sixes and sevens: us a T & T of FTTH is not optimistic about, in the OFC2004, the company that bandwidth is not a panacea, the application and development of content is the key, so in a considerable period of time, FTTH market may very small; and U.S. carriers, Verizon Wireless, sprint is more positive, and in the OFC2004 introduced the their FTTH development plans and technical solutions. In our country, fiber to the user is imperative, fiber to the home of the experimental network has also been in Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities to carry out is expected in 2012 and, in our country from the coast to the mainland, from east to west will rise of FTTH construction climax. Can be said to fiber to the home is a bright spot in the optical fiber communication, accompanied by a corresponding technology mature and practical, further reducing the cost to the family can bear the level and the trend of FTTH is unstoppable.
In addition, FTTH technology is used to solve the last mile problem in the information highway. FTTH+ Ethernet than ADSL (ADSL in the dial-up when the highest theoretical 8Mbps download bandwidth, the bandwidth will never change. But in fact, because ADSL noise detection mechanism if line is not so good a start up connection apparently could not reach the theoretical value, may in the end is 5mbps, the bandwidth, and it will never change. And the transmission speed of ISDN (European universal telephone network form) is much faster..

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