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Classification of optical fibers

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(1)Divided the electromagnetic propagation in the fiber pattern is present in the fiber transmission mode according to wave Kurz, or light field shape (he). Various field are through the results of the multiple reflection and interference in the optical waveguide. Various modes is not continuous discrete. Due to the standing wave to the fiber stability in the presence of, it reflected in the cross section of the fiber is various shapes of light field, the spot. If a spot, we call this fiber is a single mode optical fiber, if more than two spot, we call for multimode fiber.
• Single mode fiber Single-Mode single-mode fiber only transmission main mode, that is light only along the inner core of the optical fiber transmission. Due to completely avoid the mode scattering the single-mode optical fiber, transmission bandwidth is therefore a wide application and high capacity, long distance fiber communication. Single mode fiber the wave length of 1310 nm and 1550 nm.
• Multimode fiber (Multi-Mode) under the certain working wavelength 850nm/1300nm, multiple modes in optical fiber transmission, the optical fiber for multimode fiber. Due to the dispersion or aberration. - so the optical fiber transmission performance is poor frequency range is relatively narrow, transmission capacity also smaller, in a relatively short distance.
(2)According to the diameter of the fiber core to divide - 50 / 125 (m) slow variant multimode fiber - 62.5/125 (m) slow variable enhanced variant single-mode fiber note corrosion multi fiber - 8.3/125 (m): 50/62.5/8.3 (m) were is the number of the optical fiber core diameter, 125 (m) were for glass fiber cladding diameter number.
(3)In accordance with the fiber core refractive index distribution to divide the order type optical fiber (step index fiber, referred to as SIF; - gradient type optical fiber (graded index fiber), referred to as GIF; - fiber ring (ring fiber); - W shaped fiber note: 50/62.5/8.3 (m) were for number of fiber core diameter, 125 (m) were for glass fiber cladding diameter number.

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