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0.6/1KV four-core power cable Product Name:

0.6/1KV four-core power cable


PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable with good electrical properties and chemical stability, simple structure, easy to use, this product apply to the Exchange rated voltage UO/u up to 0.6/1KV and below on the transmission and distribution lines.
Main characteristics of flame retardant power cables are cables not easy to fire or ignition delay burning only in a certain range, high intensity applied to cable stations, subways, tunnels, high-rise buildings, large industrial and mining enterprises, oil, coal, and other places.
The main characteristics of fire-resistant power cable is the cable under normal working conditions, in addition to the transmission cables, cable in the burning fuel can maintain a certain time when normal operation, suitable for nuclear power plants, subways, tunnels, orgasm building and fire safety and fire-rescue-related places.
(1) rated voltage UO/u up to 0.6/1KV
(2) the maximum temperature of the cable conductor is 70 ℃.
(3) the short-circuit (the longest duration of no more than 5S) conductor cable of maximum temperature does not exceed 160 ℃.
(4) cable to the ambient temperature under installation should not below 0 c and its minimum bending radius is as follows:
Single-core cable -20 (D+d), mm
-15 multicore cable (D+d), mm

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