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Prefabricated branch cable Product Name:

Prefabricated branch cable


1, distribution can be simplified into a simple two-level distribution, in line with the principles of standard distribution series in fewer.
2, has the highest distribution reliability, applicable to a variety of important occasions and even the distribution of the special occasion.
3, is a prefabricated branch cable, power cable, its shape and structure of cable properties, and connectors sealed insulated handles, environmental requirements, suitable pH environments, such as humidity, salt fog, for a wide range of.
Second, the product features
1, the use of prefabricated branched cables can significantly reduce the intensity of field construction, shortening the construction time.
2, the use of branch cable, ensures that the length and complexity of venue construction.
3, reducing installation space.
4, was prefabricated in the factory, reliability is guaranteed.
5, branch connections using molding or casting process, good waterproof property, using dimensions maintenance-free for a long time.
Third, use
1, high-rise residential building in distribution.
2, community. factory built
3, is located.
4, and equipment.
5, bridge and tunnel lighting.
6, all kinds of occasions can replace the small capacity of the busway.

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