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Seven major advantages of optical fiber

From:GuangZhou hua shuo Cable Co.,Ltd Time:2015.05.25Hit:

1. The passband of the 1 fiber is very wide. The theory of up to 30 trillion hertz.

2. no relay section long. Dozens to more than 100 kilometers, copper wire only a few hundred meters.

3. is not affected by the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic radiation.

4. 900 light weight, small size. For example: through 1000 20000 word path of 4 pairs of twisted pair, its diameter is 3 inches, weight 8 tons /KM. and communication amount is ten times the cable diameter of 0.5 inches, weight 450P/KM.

5. fiber optic communications are not charged, the use of safe can be used for flammable, easy to storm places.

6. wide range of environmental temperature.

7. chemical corrosion, long service life.

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