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Fiber optic cable manufacturers have price advantages

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Optical fiber is a communication cable composed of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores. These optical fiber cores are located in a protective coating and are covered by a plastic PVC outer sleeve. Signal transmission along the inner optical fiber generally uses infrared rays.
  The dielectric waveguide fiber that transmits light waves is a fiber composed of two layers of concentric transparent media.
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The more widely used dielectric material is quartz glass (SiO2). The inner layer of the medium is called the core, and its refractive index is higher than the outer layer. It is called the cladding. The core or cladding is adjusted by doping germanium, phosphorus, fluoride, boron and other impurities in the quartz glass. The core diameter of the near-infrared optical fiber with the transmission wavelength of the optical fiber for communication is mainly from 0.8 to 1.7 microns. The core diameter is usually a few microns to 100 microns. The outer diameter is mostly about 125 microns. It has a plastic coating on the outside. Optical fiber cable Figure 2 is made of single or multiple optical fibers combined and reinforced and protected to make an optical cable that can be used in various environments. The manufacturing method of optical fiber is similar to that of cable.
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  Optical fiber communication is one of the important ways of modern information transmission. It has the advantages of large capacity, long relay distance, good confidentiality, no electromagnetic interference, and copper saving.
The report uses forward-looking information to track the market data collected by the optical fiber and cable industry for a long time. The analysis system is structured from the overall height of the industry. The report mainly analyzes the development status and prospects of the optical fiber and cable industry in China. The pattern and concentration of the optical fiber and cable industry are the technical conditions of the optical fiber and cable industry. .
The birth and development of optical fiber communication is an important revolution in the history of telecommunications. The informatization construction of human society is accelerating. Even in the case of the global economic downturn, the communication and information industry is still very popular. Optical fiber communication is moving towards high-speed, ultra-high-speed and ultra-large capacity. The development of optical fiber transmission and all-optical network direction. During the Ninth Five-Year Plan, China Telecom completed the laying of eight vertical and eight horizontal optical cable trunks. A backbone communication network with optical cables as the main body has gradually formed a high-capacity optical cable trunk extending in all directions. With the continuous development of the communications industry, optical cables have been installed from provinces to cities, counties, and even towns. The date of optical fiber to the home is getting closer and closer. In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the reform of the telecommunications system and the gradual comprehensiveness of the telecommunications market Opening up is also due to the huge demand for bandwidth brought about by the explosive development of IP services. The development of optical fiber communications has once again shown a new situation of vigorous development.

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