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4-Channel Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Product Name:

4-Channel Tactical Fiber Optic Cable


Particularly designed for the quick and repeatedly distributing & retrieving under harsh environment. Non-metallic cable is light,portable, flexible, oil-resistant, rubbing-resistant, flame retardant,high tension load and wide operating temperature range.It's applications include quick deployment, military, mining, oil field,TV broadcasting, communication emergency repair.
• With Φ 0.9mm tight buffer fiber inside, it adopts compact all dielectric distribution configuration , which provides the optical fiber with extremely high strength
• High intensity optical fiber coating with compound structure guarantees cable's stability and durability under harsh environment
• The product features wide temperature range and minimal attenuation
• A large scope aramid yarn ensures optical fiber with extremely high mechanical intensity
• Flame retardant PU , polyester elastomer guarantees structure stability and features of crush-resistant, rubbing-resistant, oil-resistant and flame retardant, RoHS compliant
• Special materials are used in outer jacket to make sure that the cable is rodent proof
• Military
• Mining
• Oil, gas and geoscience industries
• Industrial
• Broadcast


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