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Flat twin duplex minitary tactical Product Name:

Flat twin duplex minitary tactical


Application: Characteristics:
☆.Adopted to indoor distribution. ☆.High-strength aramid, stainless steel tube to strengthen.
☆.As pigtail of communiction equipment. ☆.With a better environment and the mechanical properties.
☆.Suitable for communication equipment served . ☆.Soft, easy to peel, to facilitate follow.
☆.Can be installed conveniently and perated simply. ☆ .Anti-bite anti-pressure.
Technical parameters:
out sheath diameter Tight buffer diameter Weight
Minimum allowable Tensile strength(N)

Minimum allowable Crush load(N/100mm)

Min bending radius(MM)

Suitable temperature
MM (MM) (KG)
short term

long term

short term

long term

short term

long term
3.0×5.0 2.8 95.00 1000 300 1000 500 20D 10D -20+60
Fiber standard control

Fiber Type
Multi-mode G.651 A1a:50/125 Gradient-type refractive index
Single-mode G.652(A、B、C、D) B1.1routines
G.653 B2 Zero dispersion-shifted
G.654 B1.2 Cutoff wavelength shift
G.655 B4 Non-zero dispersion-shifted

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