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GYFH38 Optical Fiber Cable Product Name:

GYFH38 Optical Fiber Cable


Optical Fiber Cable Specification 
Optical Fiber Cable Specification 
1. Cable Construction 
1.1 Cable cross-section 
Note:not in scale 
2. Cable Specification 
2.1.1 Tight Buffer Fiber Color Code 
Color  Black  
2.1.2 Sub-Cable Color Code 
No. Color No.  1 Black 7  2 Black 8  3 Black  4 Black  5 Black  6 Black  
Color  Black  Black  
Note: Identification by printing numbers on the surface of Sub-Cables. 
2.2 Cable configuration andMechanical Performance of Cable 
Optical Fiber Cable Specification 
Cable diameter (mm) nominal  13.0  
Approx. Cable weight (kg/km)  220  
2.3. Minimum Allowable Bending Radius 
Static: 15D Dynamic: 25D D is the out diameter of the cable 
Mechanical Performance of Cable 
Mechanical & environmental characteristics 
Tensile performance(N)  Crush(N/100mm)  
Short term  Short term  
1000  1500  
Item  Test Method Requirements  
Tensile performance  IEC 60794-1-2-E1 The maximum increase in attenuation less Load: Maximum allowed tensile than 0.1dB, and fiber strain less than 0.6%According to 2.4 under short load. Cable length under tension: Not less No change in attenuation after test at 1550nm. than 50m. Under visual examination without Duration of load sustain: 1min. magnification, no damage to the sheath or to Velocity of transfer device: the cable elements after test. 10mm/min  
Crush  Under short term load, there shall be less than 0.1dB in attenuation at 1550 nm after the test. IEC 60794-1-21-E3 Under visual examination without Load and Duration: According to 2.4 magnification, no damage to the sheath or to Number of tests: 3 the cable elements. The imprint of the striking Spacing between test places: 500 mm surface on the sheath is not considered mechanical damage.  
Flame retardant  IEC 60332-1-2  
Water Penetration  Fiber optic cables do not have water blocking requirements.  
Remark: “No attenuation changes” is considered as the attenuation changes ≤ 0.05 dB. 
Optical properties of the MM fiber is according to ITU-T G.651 standard requirements. 
Cable Sheath Marking 
Item  Unit  Requirement  
Geometrical characteristics  
Core diameter  um  200  
Cladding diameter  um  230  
Buffer Core diameter  um  500  
Transmission characteristics  
Bandwidth at 850nm  MHz*km  ≥15  
TYPICAL Attenuation  @ 850 nm dB/km  8.0dB/km  
TYPICAL Attenuation  @ 660 nm  dB/km  10.0dB/km  
Unless otherwise specified, the cable sheath marking shall be in accordance with follows: Color: white 
Optical Fiber Cable Specification 
Contents: the type of cable, the year of manufacture, length marking 
6. Cable Drum 
. The cables are packed in wooden drums. The cables shall be supplied on drums having the following dimensions: 
Item  L*W*H ±5cm (tolerance 5cm)  Length per drums(km)  
8  125*75*125  2  
Note: The drum size & cable weight as above is estimated and final size & weight shall be confirmed before shipment. 
(End of Specification) 

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