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Hybrid cable GDTS Product Name:

Hybrid cable GDTS


1)Optical fiber with tight buffer
Number of fibers in cable: 4 x simplex units. Fiber type: G.652.D.
Simplex unit: LSZH sheath over tight buffer and aramid yarns.
900μm tight buffer colored in white.
LSZH sheath colored in: 1. Blue - 2. Orange - 3. Green - 4. Brown (According to EIA/TIA 568). Diameter: 2,0 mm (nominal value).
2)Copper conductors
Cross sectional copper area: 0,75 mm2
Number of conductors: 24 x 0,2 mm diameter. Insulation color: 1. Red - 2. Black - 3. Green. Insulation material: PVC.
Insulation diameter: 2,0 mm (nominal value). Insulation thickness: min. 0,5 mm (nominal value
3)Central strength member and filler
Material: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
4)Blocking compound
Water swellable aramid yarns
Water swellable tape
5)Peripheral strength member
E-Glass roving yarns.
6)Core wrapping and moisture barrier
Water swellable tape with binder
Corrugated electrolytic chrome-coated steel (ECCS) tape over the core.
9)Outer sheath
Anti-termite high density polyethylene. UV resistance.
Color: Black Thickness: ≥1,5 mm. Diameter: 11,5 ± 0,5 mm

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